As an online marketing expert group with more than 19 years of experience, We provide setup and marketing support from A to Z of Amazon sales for sellers who really want to build Amazon Marketing Channel professionally. The entire process from selecting items, organizing product information that is well exposed to search, photographing and retouching in accordance with Amazon standards and rules, product uploader method, to shipping and delivery. We provide easy consulting so that anyone can easily enter USA major market through Amazon marketing services.



Amazon, which has become a mecca of all sales.. It is not easy to do business with white major market in the future without knowing Amazon. With the experience and know-how of actual Amazon sales experience and real Amazon consulting for many customers, we help everyone who is having difficulty in Amazon marketing and Amazon sales, or who is thinking of making a breakthrough.


These are our processes to help sellers professionally.


  • Product information setup

The online purchase process is divided into three stages. Information retrieval stage, comparison stage, purchase stage.

Online purchases start with a search and end with a search. Therefore, the process of analyzing and setting up customers’ search patterns and keywords in advance is the most important part of the basics of the online sales system. We professionally set up this core process with professional know-how and experience.

Set up a search keyword library for customers, organize product information based on keywords, and set up Amazon ads based on keywords


  • Product listing optimization

Product listing is divided into mobile optimization and desktop environment optimization. More than 70% of Amazon searches and purchases are done through mobile base. so Approaching with know-how about mobile optimization is the key to success. Product listing is conducted in the form of maximizing ROI in advertising exposure and of maximizing in getting good reviews.


  • Build professional product reviews

Less than 1% of actual Amazon buyers leave a review. With the know-how of building reviews that go beyond this reality, We help customers’ product reviews to build up steadily. Product review accumulation service is carried out within the exact guidelines set by Amazon.


  • Professional adverting setup

Through numerous trials and errors, we maximize the advertising effect with the least cost and optimal advertisement setup. With professional PPC advertisement setup, monitoring, and continuous feedback, We increase advertising exposure and maximize sales effect.


** Amazon marketing service is highly professional and specialized job based on our long term real experience.


How to apply Amazon service ?

Currently we are accepting service request for only our Fulfillment Service Sellers of our 25 marketplace network.

How much cost to get Amazon service ?

This service is totally free for our Fulfillment Service Sellers. We set up this Amazon sale funnel for sellers who want to build up sales channel professionally.

How to get customer reviews ?

Based on our long period experience, We developed various methods to get customers’ reviews following Amazon review policy. Getting Amazon reviews constantly is very important to keep sales ranking going up.

What are important factors to raise Amazon sales ranking for sales boost ?

Amazon A9 algorithm decide each product sales ranking based on following factors. We focus on enhancing these factors to raise sales ranking.

  • The sales volume per limited time(day, week, month)
  • Real customers reviews number per limited time
  • Stock Management
  • Seller performance 
  • Popularity of product page
What is Fulfillment service By SNH Global ?

We are currently providing Fulfillment by SNH Global Service. We store seller items in our warehouse, upload items on our 25 each marketplace, take orders, ship items to customers, manage inventory and support all selling related customer service in our side.

We also support Amazon Selling Service through our professional Amazon sales team for our Fulfillment By SNH sellers optionally if seller want to sell their items on Amazon.

This service is recommended for overseas sellers who are in South Korea, China, Vietnam and etc.

What kinds of Amazon Selling Service for Fulfillment By SNH sellers ?

We’ve been professional Amazon selling consulting company for almost 10 years also. We developed Amazon sales ranking platform also for our sellers. Our purpose is to focus on making sellers sales up and making overseas sellers expanding their market to USA efficiently. That’s why we keep adding more than 25 online big marketplaces and We provide professional Amazon Selling Service for sellers.

Amazon selling service is done the following steps

  • Product Keyword Research
  • Product Photo
  • Product Description
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Product Sales Ranking [Through our platform]
  • Product Review 
  • Amazon PPC Ads Set Up
  • Review, Feedback, Adjustment 

Amazon selling service fee is  just 5% of Amazon sales Volume.

We have Amazon seller account so this service can be done on our Amazon seller account or Seller own account.


What kinds of platforms for Amazon Service ?

We have developed systematic platform to raise Amazon sales ranking. Review collection, sales boost platform, social marketing group and etc. We usually use various platform to make seller product sold rapidly.

How to manage inventory ?

We operate our own warehouses to manage fulfillment service. We ship out  seller items from us to Amazon warehouse for Fulfillment By Amazon service after setting up Amazon product page professionally. That’s why we provide this special service for our fulfillment sellers of our 25 marketplace network.

What kinds of benefits ?

Sellers can sell their items on our own 25 marketplace sites as well as Amazon professionally with our fulfilment service.

We have currently 2 main showroom stores to show newly added product to our 25 market sites for our local customers. Our customers can visit us to see the real products and buy them at the showroom stores. We will increase this kinds of showroom stores more and more in USA.

All items can be sold on Amazon ?

We are currently listing and managing only products that are allowed on Amazon Policy. After reviewing seller items, We decide whether our service is possible or not.